Neuperger Winery, Bóly

My name is Balázs Neuperger.


I have been dealing with wine-growing since 1992. I inherited the love and devotion of the land from my Swabian ancestors and my parents, who were both agricultural engineers. I founded my own business in 1996, at the age of 26. At first, I worked on a 1/3 hectare plantation which has grown to 24 hectare in size, due to the constant developments, ivestments and planting.
Most of the plantations can be found in the Villány- and Pécs wine region. These two regions have submediterranean climate. Hot and sunny summers are followed by long, mild autumns. Due to the microclimate and soil conditions, perfect quality wines are produced in the two most southern wine region of Hungary.
In the Villány region we grow red grapes such as Kékfrankos, Portugieser, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Blauburger, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, while on ’Öreghegy’, the hill belonging to the village of Versend, we grow white grapes such as Rizlingszilváni, Királyleányka Rajnai Rizling and Chardonnay.

We process the picked grapes in our winery in Bóly.


One of the main sights our town, Bóly, is the village of wine-cellars consisting of five streets and about four hundred wine-cellars. Ours, built by Swabia traditions in 1881, can also be found here, in Alsótukár.


During the processing and fermentation, we apply old traditions and means together with new technologies as well. We mature wine in different size (10-61 hL) oak barrels. We store the barrels in traditional domed cellars where the total length of the archways reaches 200 meters. We sell our wines in bottles and plastic bottles. Our bottled wines are sold abroad and in Hungary as well.

After preliminary registration, our guests have the opportunity to taste different wines right from the barrels.

It is very important for me to take an active part in wine-making from the first stages of work in the spring, until the final one of bottling, so that I can make sure our wines are of the best quality.

Neuperger Balázs   Cím: H-7754, Bóly, Park u.74    telefon: +36 69/368-870   +36 30/98-68-155